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We specialize in engineering/manufacturing of specialty fastening and tooling products.  Unique to the industry, our fastening products offering cylindrical alignment and clamping which provide our customers with more contact area, higher clamping forces, and superior alignment for your fastening needs.  Our fastener product lines include hand installed and robotically installed fasteners, low profile, and flush head fasteners.  They  are qualified and used on composites, aluminum, and titanium materials by every major airframe manufacturer in the world.  We are also qualified for use in one-up assembly processes.    Also, we are proud to offer complete and integrated fastening solutions  using a variety of industry leading torque source providers such as Makita, Desoutter and Atlas Copco.

At Centrix, we use the latest Computer Aided Design and non-linear Finite Element Analysis, as well as validation through testing, to define our products.

Our products offer simple solutions to common problems.  We take pride in our unique products, and sincerely hope you find value in them as well.

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